Dear Colleagues and Valuable Readers,

I am honored to present you the December 2015 edition of the Journal of Global Strategic Management. Our journal has become a convenient place, a popular meeting point for the professionals in the field of strategic management. We try to publish papers containing original research work of good standard and of contemporary relevance from all over the world. Our journal is devoted to developing the core understanding of strategic management; that’s why, we try to welcome a diverse range of papers concerned with all aspects of strategic management which rely on statistical inference, qualitative/quantitative studies, conceptual and computational models. And we aim to publish the highest quality research with questions, evidence and conclusions that are relevant to strategic management and engaging to strategic management scholars.

I want to announce that “the 6th International Conference on Leadership, Technology, Innovation and Business Management”, was held between the dates of 28-30 October 2016 in Antalya, Turkey. The conference was organized jointly by Yıldız Technical University (Istanbul, Turkey), İstanbul Technical University and Gebze Technical University (Kocaeli, Turkey). This conference aimed to be the general forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of theoretical, experimental and applied leadership, technology, innovation and business management.

Ten qualified papers delivered at “the 6th International Conference on Leadership, Technology, Innovation and Business Management” and “the 11th Strategic Management Conference” were selected in order to be published in the Journal of Global Strategic Management. As you know this is an internationally refereed journal published twice a year by the International Strategic Management and Managers Association and indexed by Cabells Directories and Global Impact Factor, and Asos Index.

Before finalizing my preface, I would like to commemorate our Founding Chairman Professor Erol Eren and our Founding Co-Chairman Professor Asım Şen. They were both my dear professors who contributed a lot to my academic career and were an inspiration to us all, as well. They devoted their life to the advancement of higher education and the science of business management. Their contributions to higher education in Turkey and to business management are too many to enumerate here. Our deceased Professor Eren and Professor Şen will always live in our memory, and we will do our best to continue their inspired work. May their soul rest in peace.

As the chairman of the conference and editor-in-chief of the journal, I strongly believe that the articles and the following discussions will be a valuable resource that paves the way for broader horizons in the related fields and I would like to take the opportunity to extend my sincerest thanks and appreciation to the members of the peer review committee, of the editorial board, as well as of the organizing committee of the conference.

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Dr. Cemal ZEHİR

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