Dear Colleagues and Valuable Readers

We are happy to present to you the June 2014 edition of the Journal of Global Strategic Management. With this last issue the Journal has started its eighth year. Let me give you some information;
The 10th International Strategic Management Conference was held between the dates of 19-21 June 2014 in Rome, Italy. It was organized jointly by the Gebze Institute of Technology (Kocaeli, Turkey); Okan University (Istanbul, Turkey); Yıldız Technical University (Istanbul, Turkey) and Yalova University (Yalova, Turkey). It was a successful conference with a diverse and high quality number of participants sharing their theoretical and applied knowledge and experience of research. No doubt that both the presentations and the following discussions of this conference have paved the way for broader horizons in the related fields. 

And some of the papers submitted during the conference are selected to be published in the Journal of Global Strategic Management (JGSM) which aims to provide readers worldwide with high quality peer-reviewed scholarly articles on a wide variety of issues related to management. This is an internationally refereed journal published twice a year by the International Strategic Management and Managers Association and indexed by Cabells Directories and Global Impact Factor and Asos Index.

By the way, I would like to bring to your kind notice that the 4th International Conference on Leadership, Technology, Innovation and Business Management 2014 (ICLTIM-2014) will be held between the dates of 19-21 November 2014 at Yıldız Technical University in Istanbul, Turkey. It aims to be the general forum for the presentation of new advances and research result in the fields of theoretical, experimental and applied leadership, technology, innovation and business  management. The conference will bring together leading researchers, economists, businesspeople, managers, engineers and scientists in this field of study from around the world. Our distinguished participants will have the opportunity to present their valuable scientific contributions and to establish an international network among those who volunteer to communicate and study together in the field of business management. And proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Leadership, Technology, Innovation and Business Management 2014 (ICLTIM-2014) will be published on-line by Elsevier in “Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences” publication, which is indexed in the Science Direct Database. Manuscripts without the required format will not be accepted. All manuscripts should be professionally proofread before the submission. You can use for professional proofreading, editing etc. Some of the papers will be selected and published in the Journal of Global Strategic Management (JGSM). Prospective authors are invited to submit full and original research papers which have not been published or submitted for consideration elsewhere (Please submit your paper to; For detailed information please visit http:

We will be proud to host the conference and receive you in our own institution, which is located in a quite historical campus composed of royal buildings. It will be a great pleasure for us to welcome you to Yıldız Technical University and we will also be honoured to see you in Istanbul, which is the cradle of civilizations.

As a final note, I would like to commemorate again our ex-editor-in-chief Professor Erol Eren, who passed away on January 28, 2014. He was a beacon of light, a model teacher, an exemplary guide. He was my dear professor who contributed a lot to my academic career and was an inspiration to us all, as well. He devoted his life to the advancement of higher education and the science of business management. His contributions to higher education in Turkey and to business management are too many to enumerate here. 

Our deceased Professor Eren will always live in our memory, and we will do our best to continue his inspired work. From now on, as the new editor-in-chief and the Chairman of the Conference, I will dedicate my time to make the Journal of Global Strategic Management (JGSM) a valuable resource for our readers wishing to keep up with substantive new research areas and discussions in the discipline. 

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Dr. Cemal ZEHİR, Ph.D. 


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